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Photography 101 | Flash Samples

I’m giving you a break today.  Today I’m only posting some examples to culminate everything we’ve been talking about adding light or flash or strobe or whatever.  I hope you’ve been playing around with your own camera and putting into action what you’ve learned this far. As I was all alone in the house and […]

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Photography 101 | Strobe

Hahahaha!!!  I’m busting out laughing at myself right now……  bare with me….. I’ve often said that I can type faster than I can write and almost faster than my brain can think sometimes.  This happens when I’m typing and other words just happen on the page and it’s not what I was trying to type.  […]

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Assignment | Aperture

It’s time Students!  I want to see what you’ve learned this far into our lessons so get your camera and get ready.  I want you to post your best Shallow Depth of Field images and show me what you’ve got.  So open up those apertures and join the Samantha Alday Photography Assignment Group on Flickr […]

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